Jeffrey de Graaf - Front-end Consultant

About Me

Jeffrey de Graaf #

Passionate about everything digital, photography and music. Commonly interested in many topics.

Jeffrey de Graaf - during holiday

🧑 < 30
🏙️ Leiden
💍 Married
🎵 Music (former drummer)
🍷, 🍺, 🥃 and 🍖

Work #

I'm a Front-end Consultant, currently working at Ahold Delhaize.

On a working day, I care about bringing the best web experience to end users. Carefully thinking about the optimized front-end part of the website. Validating use cases, improving website speed but also pragmatically improve (technical) parts of the ecosystem.

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Hobby #

After a working day I really like to cook some food, drink a glass of wine and enjoy. Next to that I have several other hobbies.

Photography 📷 #

I take a lot of photos, during a walk or holidays. It's a challenge for me to go out, with minimal gear and deliver the most exciting composition and detail.
Some organisations requested me to take photo's at their event, view photos.

Some photos are available to buy:

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